The Para Athletes

Matt Oliver

VI Runner

Dedicated runner, avid mountain biker. Goal for 2024 is a sub 1:15 half marathon.

Michael Andreasen


The ultimate endurance para athlete. Michael has done numerous Ironman races and countless triathlons.

Enrique Sanchez

Blind Runner

Getting back into running after a many year hiatus, Enrique embodies the group ethos of never limiting yourself, 60+ age group contender for half marathon.

Jeff Mata

Blind Triathlete

Ex-BJJ champion. Currently headed to Kona in 2024 for the Ironman world championship. Jeff has completed several Ironman distance races, and regularly competes at USAT nationals for top spots in paratriathlon.

Adrian Broca

VI triathlete

Adrian Broca is living a very compelling story. His quest is to become one of the world’s best blind endurance athletes.

After running dozens of marathons ,including a PR of 2:50:46 and 9 Boston Marathons, in the last fifteen years, Adrian was ready for a new challenge. Having learned how to swim over the Summer of 2016, Adrian has gone on tocomplete two full distance Ironman triathlons with a PR of 12:32:25.

He is now hooked on the sport and has his sights set on theultimate goal, competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Adrian’s blindness is the result of a genetic disorder that was first manifested about thirty years ago. His chronicling of his personal growth through endurance sports since the onset of the disability is truly inspirational. One can only marvel when he describes dusting himself off after crashing into unexpected obstacles along his memorized training route.

Adrian’s career goal is to become a corporate spokesperson. To hone his skills, he often speaks to schools and non-profit groups throughout southern California.