Succeeding Together

NLY AC is the place for visually impaired and para-athletes to train and connect with guides every week.

Run, Ride or Swim.

We are a non-profit with the goal of helping para-athletes compete at all levels of sport. Our weekly coached practices currently take place in San Diego, CA. While we train all three disciplines, everyone is welcome to participate in only those parts they wish.

We can’t do it without our generous army of guides at all pacers, and not just in running, but swimming and cycling as well. Be a part of something amazing, guide with us!

Our Mission: Breaking barriers, building dreams

As a non-profit, our primary goal is to pave the way for para-athletes, ensuring they have equal opportunities to showcase their talents across various sports. We provide weekly training sessions for para-athletes of all fitness levels in running, cycling and swimming. We also teach how to guide visually impaired athletes in all three disciplines. Finally, where possible, we provide entry to races, tandem bicycles to compete on, and logistical support on race day.

It’s a mission fueled by passion, inclusivity, and the belief that sports should be a platform for everyone, regardless of physical abilities.

Our Para-athletes

Matt Oliver

Half Marathon PR 1:18
Matt has run the Boston marathon multiple times, and loves mountain biking in the desert. His goal is to beat is PR and eventually break the world record.

Jeff Mata

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion and top level triathlete, Jeff will be spending 2024 racing to get to USAT nationals.

Enrique Sanchez

Enrique is a pastor who loves running and currently has a goal to break 2 hours in the half marathon.

Why us?

Our Guides

Mali Running


Cat herding champion

De’Shaun Patacsil

Guide Runner / Social Media Master

Robert Gally

Guide Triathlete

Supporting partner

Halo Headbands are used by NLY AC and provide technologically superior sweat protection.
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Although I lost my eye sight…my vision remains clear, to be the very best at everything I do.

Jeff Gordon Mata
2022 top vision impaired Ironman