About us

Empowering Para-Athletes through Inclusive Sport

Welcome to our non-profit organization dedicated to breaking barriers in the world of sports. Our mission is to empower para-athletes to compete at every level, proving that ability knows no bounds. At the heart of our movement is an incredible team of guides, the unsung heroes who make it all possible.

Our Mission: Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams

As a non-profit, our primary goal is to pave the way for para-athletes, ensuring they have equal opportunities to showcase their talents across various sports. It’s a mission fueled by passion, inclusivity, and the belief that sports should be a platform for everyone, regardless of physical abilities.

Guiding Beyond Running: A Multifaceted Approach

We extend our reach far beyond the tracks, venturing into the realms of swimming and cycling. Our dedicated army of guides stands ready to support para-athletes in all paces and strokes. Whether it’s the thrill of the run, the rhythmic flow of swimming, or the speed of cycling, our guides are committed to being the eyes, ears, and silent strength that propel athletes forward.

Join the Movement: Be a Guide, Be Amazing

None of this would be possible without the generous individuals who make up our guiding community. We invite you to be a part of something truly amazing. By becoming a guide with us, you’re not just assisting athletes — you’re a vital part of a movement that is reshaping the narrative of sports. Your commitment can turn dreams into reality, and together, we can create a future where every athlete, regardless of ability, has the chance to compete, excel, and inspire.

Guide with us and be the difference on the path to victory. Join our community of guides, where every step is a symbol of strength, determination, and unity. Together, we’re not just guiding athletes; we’re guiding a revolution in inclusive sports.